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Chisholm Health Ethics Bulletin Volumes 21-22 (2015 to now)

Volume 22 No 2 Summer 2016

  • Making room in the Inn for those less fortunate
  • Summary: Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016
  • Community attitudes shape palliative care: seeking a resolve to the slippery slope effect
Volume 22 No 2 Summer 2016

Volume 22 No 1 Spring 2016

  • Responding to the Legal and Social Issues Committee Inquiry into End of Life Choices
  • The Inquiry Into End Of Life Choices And Advance Care Planning In Victoria
  • An Expert in the Lived Experience of Dementia: The Story of Christine Bryden

Volume 21 No 2 Summer 2015

  • Reflections After a Lifetime of Contribution
  • An Appointment with 'Doctor Google': Benefits and limitations of using Internet-based health information
  • Medicine as Ministry: A case for truly theological bioethics
  • Zika Virus