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Director of the Centre

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Dr Dilinie D. Herbert 

BBilSc (La Trobe University), BSc, MBiomedSc, PhD (Monash University)

Dr Herbert is a Researcher at the Centre.

Dr Herbert has extensive experience in health research and sociology. She is an academic, educator and ethics committee member: as lecturer and medical ethics coordinator at Monash University, and an active member of the Human Research Ethics Committee at Peninsula Health. Completing a PhD based on genetic testing and specifically reproductive decision-making, Dr Herbert is interested in exploring the nuances in interdisciplinary approaches in prenatal care and maternal health. Her dissertation acknowledged the importance of family relationships and wider community attitudes when negotiating decisions associated with genetic testing. The findings were used to support active listening practices in genetic counselling and paediatric haemophilia care specifically for health practitioners consulting with women making decisions about responsible parenthood.

As researcher at the Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics, she is gaining a deeper understanding of Catholic health care ethics. Some of the articles she has researched and written address challenges posed by: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, growing prison populations, the use of experimental medicine in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and responding to a patient’s wish to hasten death.  She endeavours to produce articles that are comprehensive and which inform patient care and community knowledge on current health issues of national and international concern. 


Ms Susannah Duncan

BA (Couns)

Susannah is the Office Manager at the Centre.

Susannah comes to the Centre from the healthcare sector with a very strong background in administration management. She was appointed in January 2016.

Susannah is responsible to ensure that the Centre remains in tune with current business practices whilst delivering research and ethical advice on health care in accord with the Centre’s Catholic identity.  Susannah works side by side with the Director and team towards organising and successful delivery of Centre’s yearly Conference and is sub-editor of the Chisholm Health Ethics Bulletin.

Susannah can be contacted on